Elderflowers Bloom for a Wild Summer

The Kentish Pip team have been out in force this month fighting through stingers and scaling ladders to reach the precious Elderflowers used in their Wild Summer Cider.  The short window for elderflower picking is now drawing to a close and as demand continues to grow they have had to harvest more than ever.

It’s always a gamble knowing how much to make, as always when using fresh local ingredients that chance only comes once a year.  We got it just right last year and this year we have harvested over 220kg of fresh flowers.

Ed Curry – Production Manager, Kentish Pip

Wild Summer is made with fresh wild elderflowers harvested from Woolton Farm and the surrounding countryside.  The recipe developed from Rosie Mount’s home secret uses as little sugar as possible to maintain the light fresh and Zingy flavour.

When we were kids growing up on the farm we used to pick elderflower to make cordial and elderflower champagne, picking is such a great activity and apart from the amount we need to get very little has changed.

Sam Mount – Director, Kentish Pip

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