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Why join Produced in Kent?

Case Studies 2016

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Kentish Pip                  xxx Romney Marsh Wools

Comments from Members

‘We at Romney Marsh Wools would like to send an extended Thank you to the PINK team for raising our brand to another PINK member and linking our businesses together through face to face introductions.  This direct proactive approach has resulted in us having a wide range within the Hever Castle shop and it has aided in building a wonderful new prosperous partnership with the Buyer which will hopefully benefit the community as a whole through supporting Local.’

Comments from the 2015 Membership Survey

“A great ambassadorial team that are dedicated to supporting food producers and retailers in Kent and to assisting their growth and development in county, in the UK and beyond, wherever possible.”

“Fab knowledgeable team and always helpful with constructive suggestions.”

“Produced in Kent is an excellent company to belong to we love what Kent has to offer and love to use as much local produce as possible and are spreading the word how good it is and being a part of produced in Kent helps us to do that we are proud to be a part of that.”

“Very supportive and responsive service from all the team. Very organised and communicative regarding events and general trade activity. The short courses in sales and social media last year were helpful and publicity/promotion is always supportive of all members. Although we missed a networking opportunity late last year, we would be grateful for more coming up with regards to business opportunities and strategies, marketing courses and dealing with analysis. Overall, membership is fantastic and worthwhile!”

“Very much appreciate all the opportunities PinK offer, sometimes we are too busy to make the most of all of them, but we are grateful for the help and promotion they provide.”

“Being a Member of Produced in Kent has given me a lot of opportunities that would not have come my way if I was not a member.”

“Produced in Kent gives me another USP which is helpful when getting into events as well as encouraging customers to purchase. Training courses are helpful and local and I hope to be using these next year as well. The newsletter is informative regarding what everyone else is up to and can spark ideas about where to take my business.”

“It is always good to know that the staff are there to offer opinion, feedback and general support. PinK is a strong brand and it is good to be part of it.”

“When I travel round the country I really value being able to use the logo. Its something I am very proud of.”

“PinK has always been and continues to be a valued resource for information and help when needed, get support on social media and well run events every year. The team are fantastic to work with and are always at the end of a phone when needed.”

Sandrine May – Madame Oisseau

“I feel that being a member of Produced in Kent has helped my business develop.

From winning the Food and Drinks Awards, to being introduced to potential customers & taking part in many local events.  The networking and advertising possibilities are also vast. I feel like I belong to a group of producers who greatly believe in what they make and feel strongly about shopping locally. It’s also great to be able to share business tips with other members.”

Sally Newall – Simply Icecream

“Produced in Kent has been an invaluable source of support and information throughout the last couple of years. There is only so much an individual can do in running a business themselves, and to have regular updates as to what is happening and where in the County and beyond, along with help and advice on all sorts of business issues and queries as they crop up has enabled us to grow as a Company.

Coupled with the recognition that comes with the membership I would highly recommend Produced in Kent to any small business/producer.”

Steve Jones – Whitstable Produce Store

There are several schemes that support small businesses – and several that specialise in promoting quality foods.  We’ve only joined Produced in Kent and we’re very happy with the scheme and the services we receive.

One important factor for us is the care that PinK puts into selecting members.   We’ve looked at other schemes which admit anyone who pays their fee – maybe customers don’t know the difference, but the quality-mark of Produced in Kent is important to us.

Katharine Hook – Sloe Seduction

Having been a member of Produced in Kent for nearly a year there have been many benefits for Sloe Seduction. Firstly the advertising oppotunities have produced some good leads with one order multiplying 3 fold from simply the exposure from one event. Secondly the useful contacts, I have been able to source many products for my business by utilising PinK’s website and I personally feel a group like Produced in Kent are vital for any new business setting up, they are able to offer sound positive advice. Information on events is very useful and it is great to have a group who are the backbone to informing all it’s members of all future events.

Kristina Boulden – Romney Marsh Wools

The members networking events have been a great asset -there is a real buzz developing in the group and I am truly excited for the whole ‘Produced in Kent’ Brand and proud to be a part of it.

Susan Cooper – Squeakies

Having the ‘Produced in Kent’ logo on my stall has been a great starting point for talking to customers. They were thrilled to know about the sort of things being produced in Kent and I feel proud to be able to show the logo and be included as a member of ‘Produced in Kent