AC Goatham & Son closer to greater supply chain automation

Prins Forklifts UK Ltd takes AC Goatham & Son a step closer to greater supply chain automation

AC Goatham & Son has taken a step closer to greater automation across its farming and packing business with the delivery of its largest individual order of Mechanical Handling Equipment to date. The arrival of 26 brand new Cesab machines along with five new Prins Tigers, is also the largest single order for Kent’s Prins Forklifts UK Ltd based at Lympne, and completes an order totaling 58 vehicles.

Steve Everard, Director at AC Goatham & Son comments: “We are working hard to speed up many of our processes across the business. These new machines will help enable the business to facilitate the faster transport of fruit from the trees to cold storage and during the busy harvest period we need reliable vehicles. Having a local company like Prins who can come out quickly to deal with any service issues is vital, to ensure the smooth running of our business at its busiest time. This is a step closer for us in finding more automated solutions within our business and we have worked closely with Prins to achieve this.”

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