August at The Small Holding

The Small Holding is a kitchen and farm on a country lane in the village of Kilndown on the Kent and East Sussex borders. The 26-cover restaurant was voted the best restaurant in Kent at the Taste of Kent Awards and is set in one acre of land with raised beds, poly tunnels, pigs, ducks and chickens less than 10ft away from the kitchen. The restaurant’s own sheep, for hogget and mutton, graze less than half a mile away. The beds are heaving with lettuces, chard, cauliflower, beans and peas, tomatoes, courgettes, raspberries and blackcurrants.

Everything is home-made at The Small Holding for the Full Acre and Half Acre tasting menus, including bread and butter, yoghurt and ricotta or sourced hyper-locally such as Hinxden Cream which has a herd of pedigree Guernsey and Holstein Friesian cows in nearby Benenden. Ingredients are picked fresh before service and when there’s a glut, the kitchen preserves, pickles and jars.

The August Full Acre sample menu is below, with full vegetarian and vegan menus available and costs £60 per person with an optional 4 glass wine pairing at £40 and 6 glass wine pairing at £60. The Half Acre menu is £30 per person.

  • Cuttlefish, cauliflower, wild garlic
  • Courgette, yoghurt, chilli
  • Liver, onion, bacon
  • Trout, cucumber, horseradish
  • Oyster, kale, purslane
  • Tomato, ricotta, yarrow
  • Mutton, lettuce, potato
  • Buttermilk, bay, blackcurrant
  • Meadowsweet, raspberry, apricot
  • Cherry, fennel, woodruff

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