The Big Cat Sanctuary launch their Membership Scheme

The Big Cat Sanctuary launched their Membership Scheme earlier this year inviting people to join their team dedicated to caring for and protecting magnificent wild cats. Membership will assist in providing the best possible environment, enrichment and care for the cats onsite, be actively involved in the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme, make substantial contributions to global cat conservation projects and ensure a future for wild cats by educating generations to come.
For just £4 a month you will receive an exclusive quarterly e-newsletter ROAR! filled with personal insights from Giles Clark and the Keeper team with exclusive behind the scenes footage of the cats; a Membership Badge that identifies you as a Big Cat Sanctuary member and Priority Booking, the chance to book tickets for all events before anyone else. Plus exclusive members only opportunities.
Sign up today and help to fund their welfare, breeding, conservation and education programmes.


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