Blooming Green Celebrate 10 years!

The award-winning floristry business, Blooming Green, was founded by cousins Jen Stuart-Smith and Bek Bibby in them autumn of 2007, with the first flowers picked from their plot at Linton, near Maidstone in the Spring of 2008.

The cousins wanted to set-up a floristry business with a difference – to counteract the global flower industry’s negative impact — and were at the forefront of a ‘new wave’ of florists. In 2010, Blooming Green featured on the Channel 4 series, My Dream Farm, with Monty Don, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

“Your farm was completely the inspiration for us starting ours…”
Georgie Newbury, Common Farm Flowers

Ten years on, and the company is thriving.
The original flower plot, on the site of a former Bramley orchard, has since been joined by another flower plot, as well as areas of foliage and ornamental rosehips — to cater for the boom in demand for locally grown, seasonal, exceptional flowers. ‘HQ’ is a former  mushroom shed and boiler room, built by Jen & Bek’s grandfather in the 1950s.

So, what makes Blooming Green so special?
• Jen & Bek are the fifth generation of growers at Loddington Farm – though they are the
first generation to grow flowers rather than fruit.
• The company was the the first company in the UK, as far as they are aware, to offer pick your own wedding flowers.
• Blooming Green grows all of its flowers organically — using a ‘no-dig’ method and relying
on compost, mulching and hoeing to suppress weeds.
• Irrigation is via a reservoir of spring water at the foot of the farm.
• Blooming Green doesn’t use florist’s foam (powdered plastic) and uses bio-plastic for
wrapping flowers, if necessary, plus recycled card and paper packaging.

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