Driving up the profits for local producers

For farm producers a regular challenge has been just how to exploit the London market while not seeing all your profit gobbled up en route in transport costs.

But the son of one of the county’s major dairy farmers has started a new business which is designed to put more money back into their pockets. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is proving a hit.

John Westacott’s family has long run the Hinxden Farm Dairy in Cranbrook. But, like many others, it found shipping modest orders to London cost-prohibitive.

And thats where he comes in with his delivery service JA Logistics.

“For producers of local fresh produce to get their stuff to London can cost £150 to send a van when you’re only sending £80 worth of orders.”

“So I can take five or six producers’ stock and it’s onlu going to cost them, say, £20. So they see a lot more of the money.”

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