How to Build a Practical Sales and Marketing Process


We are delighted to be partnering with Produced In Kent to offer this training workshop on ‘How to Build a Practical Sales and Marketing Process’

This seminar will help you build a working marketing plan and a consistent sales process to ensure you convert leads with greater success.

You may already send out emails, exhibit at shows, post out to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, send direct mail or make follow-up phone calls but

“What is the best way to promote your business?”

There are so many different ways to market your business but before you send out that first email or make one phone call there are 10 steps you need to go through to determine what is going to get results.

When you have prospects, how do you introduce an effective sales process? We have a tried and tested 7 step process that will give you the results you need to convert your leads into real customers.

Join us on Tuesday 12 November and we will show you how to best market your business and start to put your plan together and then put in place an effective sales process.

In just a couple of hours we can help you to:

Understand where your business is.

Start building your 10 step marketing plan.

Look at how to work your leads as part of a consistent plan

Prepare a tailored process to ensure better rates of conversion

Event details are as follows:

Price: FREE

Date: Tuesday 12 November

Time: 09.00am – 12.30 finish

Venue: Chilham Room – Kent Event Centre Kent Showground, Maidstone ME14 3JF

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Chilham Room – Kent Event Centre Kent Showground
Maidstone ME14 3JF

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