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The Cooks Tale Outifts

30th-3rd September 2022

12 course Chaucerian feast at The Cook's Tale available until 4th September!

To celebrate the launch of our new concept and brand we have come up with a 12 course menu inspired by medieval recipes from the world renowned Canterbury tales.

14-15 Beer Cart Lane, Canterbury CT1 2NY, UK



Kentish red wine fortified with honey and spices served with cakes, dates and figs.

Barley breed, brown breed and wastel breed

A selection of barley, brown and white bread with parsley flavored beef drippings

Blankmanger chicknes, pickled rote of parsel and pasternak of rassens

literally translates as “spiced chicken”. This dish consists of grilled tender poussin breast in a mildly spiced white sauce. Served with pickled root of parsley and other root vegetables.

Pyk in Brasey

Fillet of pyk with breadcrumbs served with spinach and a sauce called brasey

Grilled Pigeon, Wortes, with the Marybones

The use of marrow or ‘’mary’’was common in medieval cooking. Wortes is seasonal greens such as spinach, cabbage and onions stir fried with butter

Salat of Sawge, Garlec, Chybollus and Oynons

A mixed salad of sage, garlic, chives, onions and new potatoes

Pesen Pottage

The most popular way of eating peas was in soups. But they also served a purpose other than edible- Slippery peas were poured onto the decks of ships in times of battle, to cause advancing sailors to slide and fall.

Mushroom Bake served with Fecches

This dish is a medieval version of a mushroom pie. Fecches literally translates to “legumes and beans”.

Tamworth pork mortreux with pearl barley

mortreux translates as “stew”. This recipe consists of succulent pieces of pork belly slow cooked with pearl barley and a mixture of ground spices such as pepper and cloves. The word mortreux is derived from the mortar in which it was prepared.

Venysoun served with roasted chasteyns and Walsh-notes

Venison loins slow roasted over charcoal served with chestnuts and walnuts and venison gravy.

Poached Peres

Pears cooked over charcoal with aromatic spices


A selection of canterbury cheese served with honey and grapes

All our food is prepared in a kitchen that handles allergens. Not suitable for allergies.

For more information on allergens, please call at +44 1227 200777