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Great Comp bulbs

15th-15th October 2023

Bulbs ’N’ Things Autumn Fair at Great Comp

October is a busy month for gardeners planting and planning for the spring, and we are hoping to encourage people to plant even more ‘bulbs n things’ this autumn at our forthcoming autumn event on Sunday 15th October (10am – 5pm).

Great Comp Garden, Comp Lane, Saint Mary's Platt, Sevenoaks, UK

Garden expert Dan Cooper, known as the ‘Frustrated Gardener’, will be dispensing the best advice onsite with his extensive tool collection and seeds.

The 7 acre garden at Great Comp will be resplendent with autumn colour as the towering oak on The Sweep turns red and the trees in the woodland share autumnal hues. The garden has a fantastic collection of salvias which will still bed n bloom among the tall grasses and the hot border will continue to showcase the dahlias and Mexican salvias reared by William Dyson the curator at Great Comp.

William Dyson says: “This is our first dedicated bulb event and we are excited to showcase and share ideas on how to plan for spring. While we are known as one of Kent’s best spring gardens we also have wonderful autumn colour so the event is a great way to twin the two!”