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Pilgrims in Canterbury

24th-24th September 2022

Pilgrim’s Experience of Canterbury

Join experienced guide, Paul, for a hidden gems tour of Canterbury, discovering the city's medieval past.

Canterbury, UK

Hidden within the maze of medieval Canterbury discover hospitals, chapels, inns and monasteries that were used by the pilgrims and some that are still in use today. Concealed behind their gates we’ll find peaceful gardens, clear streams filled with fish and even the oldest surviving public toilets in England!

Discover: The hidden-away gems of Canterbury’s medieval past like the Franciscan Gardens, site of the former mission of Greyfriars and still home to the Franciscan Friars today.

Taste: A delicious lunch of Kentish food, including artisanal cheeses, freshly baked bread and cured meats and fish in the evocative surroundings of the former guest house of the Friars.

Create: We will each make a clay pilgrim’s token from the cast of a medieval pilgrim’s badge in the private riverside gardens of the old refectory of the Dominican Friars at Blackfriars.

Encounter: A unique glimpse at life in the almshouses of the brothers and sisters of the city ‘hospitals’, the oldest founded almost 1000 years ago.

Feel: Touch the steps worn away by the feet of thousands of medieval pilgrims in shrine of St. Thomas in Canterbury.

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