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The Pig Wine Tasting

25th-25th February 2021

Taste with THE PIG & the Wine Garden of England

A virtual event hosted by The Pig at Bridge Place

Join THE PIG Sommelier team for an online tasting of the Wine Garden of England wines on Thursday 25th February 7pm-8.15pm

The Pig - at Bridge Place, Bourne Park Road, Bridge, Canterbury, UK


We are thrilled to be offering you the chance to try these wines with us. THE PIG Sommeliers have hand-selected a case of six wines - still and sparkling, white and red.

This limited, rare case will give you the opportunity to discover a range of styles and showcase the diversity, Kent alone, has to offer and is not available to buy anywhere else!!

The Wine Garden of England is made up of seven top wine producers in the UK and more specifically, Kent. These people are some of the pioneers of the industry - excelling in the home-grown category in both quality and quantity.

Growing grapes in the UK is notoriously difficult - we all know what a British summer looks like… but, it is on the very margins of grape growing where we tend to find some of the most exceptional wines. Over the past 5 years, we have been gobsmacked by the quality of still wines - they could pass through customs disguised in a Burgundy bottle and go unnoticed!