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The Cooks Tale Masterclass 0724

28th-28th July 2024

The Cook's Tale Cookery Master Class

This master class is hosted by Dev Biswal & gives you an overview of techniques and processes used in Indian cookery.

The Cook's Tale Restaurant, Beer Cart Lane, Canterbury, UK

The techniques you learn in this course can be applied across a variety of recipes and can also be used to enhance European dishes.

The class is designed by both beginners as well as experienced cooks:

The day will begin with welcome refreshments in the Cook's Tale Restaurant. You will then be taken backstage to a dedicated cooking studio where you will join like minded cooking enthusiasts.

The below is a list of all the dishes you will get to learn, cook and taste!

There's always plenty to take home to the family!


- Dosa

- South Indian Coconut Chutney

- Garam Masala

- Chicken Marinade

- Base for Aromatic Indian Sauce

- Spice Encrusted Fish

- Cooking Rice

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