Food labelling – needn’t be a headache?

Whether you are selling direct to consumers, selling on-line or supplying to retailers and caterers, you need to get your food labelling right. It really isn’t just about being legally correct; it provides information your customers want and in some cases, need. Aside from disappointed customers, getting it wrong may have serious consequences for an allergic consumer and can lead to a costly product recall.

You can get basic labelling information by visiting businesscompanion – a free resource for anyone to use. A search for ‘food labelling’ will bring up a number of guidance leaflet options, one of which is likely to cover your business. These will give details on the requirements e.g. the name of the food, ingredients listing and when and how to declare food allergens.

If you can’t find an answer there; you want the peace of mind of a label check or you simply don’t have time to read through guidance, then KCC Trading Standards Business Advice Team can help you. Our team of qualified trading standards officers have experience of supporting a range of food businesses to get their labels right including Produced in Kent members. We also work closely with Kent Scientific Services to provide a complete food analysis and labelling service.

For further details on how we can help your business and to register on-line please visit our website

You’re making great food so don’t let your product down by getting the labelling wrong.

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