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By working together we can reduce food waste and redistribute surplus food to those who need it

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James sutton C26t8 Ltz6 E4 unsplash

Ground-breaking project takes flight: Food Loop starts the fight against food waste in Kent and Northamptonshire

Now fully funded, the FoodLoop app will enable businesses, charities and community initiatives to fight food waste together.

Following eight months of fundraising to turn an idea into reality, Produced in Kent is thrilled to announce that FoodLoop, a B2B app connecting suppliers of surplus food and food waste with those needing food, will be developed and trialled in two counties from Monday 7 February 2022. Businesses, charities and community initiatives can now register (free for the first 12 months) at to take part in a 12-month trial project.

Paul Babra 4


“As a local business, and inspired by our Sikh religious beliefs, we support local charities with donated freshly prepared curries.

FoodLoop will help us get fresh produce that would otherwise go to waste, and enables us to keep feeding our community healthy food.

We are thrilled to be a FOODLOOP champion and one of the first backers of the initiative!”



Finn Dunlop


“Macknade are committed to reducing waste & we are 100% behind this fantastic initiative. As a community of growers, producers, retailers, restaurants & consumers, we all need to adapt our habits, and with a combined commitment we can extend that influence to the wider population, revolutionise the food cycle from field to fork and avoid the bin!”



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“We have always been conscious of our environmental impact as well as the importance we place on representing our community. When we heard about Foodloop here in Kent, and following the success of the City of Milan at the recent #earthshot awards, we immediately felt that this is a cause close to our hearts. We feel strongly that an integrated and thoughtful approach to managing food surplus rewards both our planet and all of us.”


The Maidstone Distillery

Nims fruit crisps


“Sustainability and eradicating food waste has been at the heart of Nim’s since it’s inception.

So when Produced in Kent came up with this fantastic initiative to create an app that both businesses and consumers can utilise to offer and obtain perfectly good foodstuffs which may otherwise go to waste, we simply had to get involved.”


Nim's .. Naturally

Sally Newal


“Its now more important than ever to support initiatives like food loop to ensure we are all doing what we can to cut food waste.

This initiative is a fantastic way of connecting retailers, hospitality, producers & growers to ensure we reduce the massive amount of waste that is generated across our industries.

Sustainability in your business needs to be more than a buzz word & this app not only means you can help do something really positive but is also of benefit to your bottom line - its a win win for all!”


Simply Ice cream

Simon Cannell Speciality Breads


“At Speciality Breads we take sustainability extremely seriously. Bread has always been a challenge when it comes to food waste, which was a big part of the reason why the business was set up to produce frozen breads many years ago. However, even with a frozen product, there are occasions when you sometimes have stock that would normally end up going to waste. Like all the best ideas, FoodLoop is a simple concept that should make a real difference in helping food manufacturers to reduce their food waste and therefore their carbon footprint. It’s a great idea and one that we’re delighted to support.”


Speciality Breads