Fudge Kitchen develops relationship with Waitrose

Fudge Kitchen continues to develop its relationship with Waitrose, with its first listings in 200 main shops for Christmas …

Fudge Kitchen’s award-winning artisan confectionery is hand made and hand decorated in small batches, using all natural ingredients, locally sourced where possible. Exported across the globe, it is also expanding into 200 Waitrose shops over the festive season, which will be stocking three classic Fudge Kitchen gift lines for the discerning foodie in your life. No matter if that happens to be you …

• The Twelve Flavours of Christmas selection – a beautiful, circular gift box of seasonally flavoured squares of creamy fudge, including After Dinner Mint, Dark Chocolate & Pistachio, Continental Gingerbread, Chocolate Fruit & Nut, Hazelnut Heaven (Great Taste Award-winner), Mince Pie, Chocolate Orange (GTA-winner), Sea Salted Caramel (GTA-winner), Christmas Cookie, Figgy Pudding, Mocha Choca and Classic Chocolate.
Weight: 22g / piece | RRP: £15

• Himalayan Salted Caramels – one of the award-hauling Delectables range
of brittles and caramels, this is creamy caramel, hand worked on a marble counter
for optimum smoothness, shot through and decorated with pink Himalayan rock salt.
The perfect stocking filler.
Weight: 125g | RRP: £6.50

• Mixology Confection boxes – Fudge Kitchen regularly partner up with artisan brands with the same provenance, quality and integrity as themselves. Here hand made, all natural, gluten free fudge is infused with the exceptional spirits of micro-distillers, Nip from the Hip, Anno Distillers and Rubis Wines and the Special Reserve cider of Biddenden Vineyards. Nine generous squares uncannily reproduce a confectionery cocktail cabinet, ranging from the curious: Bitter Orange & Cubeb Gin, Juniper & Kaffir Lime Dry Gin (GTA-winner), Chocolate Wine & Cherry, Strawberry Vanilla Vodka with Black Pepper, to the classic: Brandy Alexander, Whisky Mac, Special Reserve Cider, Irish Cream and Rum & Raisin.
Weight: 190g | RRP: £10

They join 22 selected Waitrose shops, which already stock a stash of fifteen Fudge Kitchen products year round …
• Five of the most popular nine-piece themed selection boxes: Taster, Love, Chocolate, Best of British and Puddings.
• Delectables brittles and caramels, including Pecan Turtles, Peanut Brittle (GTA-winner), Butterscotch and Chocolate Orange Caramels.
• Twelve Flavours of Indulgence – a literal wheel of fortune, this circular gift box is packed with 12 generous pieces of handmade fudge in Sea Salted Caramel (GTA-winner), Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Chocolate Rose, Mocha Choca, Dark Chocolate & Pistachio, White Chocolate & Raspberry, Stem Ginger, Chocolate Orange (GTA-winner), Triple Chocolate, Butterscotch, Peanut Brittle and Almond Crunch.
• Liquid Fudge four flavour teaser gift set, including 200g jars of Chocolate Orange, Sea Salted Caramel, Vanilla Toffee and Rich Chocolate.
• Drinking Fudge Classic Selection box – six individual sachets of Fudge Kitchen’s unique Drinking Fudge range, waiting patiently in a gift box to be transformed, with hot or cold milk, into the most indulgent drink imaginable; in Moreish Mint Chocolate, Tangy Chocolate & Orange, Chocolate Caramel, Original Fudge, Classic Chocolate and Mocha Choca Madness.
• Slider sextets in five lines: Gin Selection (including GTA-winner), Salted Selection (including GTA-winner), Traditional, White Chocolate Raspberry and Double Trouble (GTA-winner)



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