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Tony Line

Director Kent Recruitment Bureau

Attracting and retaining good employees

For many companies, staff recruitment is equally exciting and terrifying! If it is your first staff member or your 100th, you must approach the process correctly and give it the time it deserves.
Generally, getting the recruitment process right will ensure that you have and retain a team of happy and committed staff who positively reflect your business.

I started Kent Recruitment Bureau and have been recruiting in Kent since 1998. I worked for a multinational agency, a local specialist and a generalist agency, developing a new accountancy division.
Since 2012, Kent Recruitment has gained a strong reputation for professionalism and determination. We have also championed being a responsible business.
I also run The JobsBoard, where recruitment agencies and companies directly advertise their vacancies. As an Industry Partner, I support PinK members with free JobsBoard advertising, which reduces their recruitment costs and opens their jobs to a wide market.
I am an advocate of creating high-quality adverts to attract high-quality candidates.