insight6 helps businesses keep their teams safe

A local business is helping the UK to Keep Their Team’s Safe When
They Return to Work, during Covid-19

A local Customer Experience business has developed a unique solution to ensure
team members can feedback their safety concerns when they return to work.
“We know from our own research we have conducted, that business leaders are
worried about how their team members may be feeling about the safety of their
workplace when asked to return to work. We also know team members are really
concerned, especially as more of their colleagues re-enter the workplace.” Says
Mark Perkins CX Specialist for insight6 Kent.

To help, and to enable a successful and sustainable return to trading, insight6 has
created a “COVID-19 Stay Safe Team Checker”. The feedback system gathers
instant feedback with team members about their concerns, freeing up management
time to invest in helping those who need help and running the business. The system
will send an instant, real time notification to a nominated leader (or leaders) in a
business, so if a team member is worried about their safety whilst at work, it will
trigger a dialogue between the leader and their team members who need further
support and reassurance to sustain their happy return to work.

Despite the high demand for this system, the team at insight6 can have businesses
receiving feedback within 48 hours. The system also only requires an investment
from £150 + VAT for three months of system access and full and on-going support
for launching into the team.

About insight6 Kent
insight6 Kent specialises in helping forward thinking businesses to increase sales
through consistently delivering a great Customer Experience to their customers.

Mark Perkins who lives in Orpington will help you build and deliver a 6-step
sustainable customer experience strategy whatever your business. Across the UK
insight6 looks after more than 800 businesses.

To find out more, or to arrange a virtual or socially distanced meeting please contact Mark
Perkins 07545 045037

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