Kentish Superfood

Plant based food and drinks are being purchased by adventurous consumers either as “stand alone, healthier alternatives” or to use “in combination” with other products to create new taste profiles, new sensory experiences and new flavours.

TickleBerries 100% aronia juice is an unadulterated, pure, 100% berry juice pressed from the Aronia Berry which we grow in Kent. The growing methods and juice production process has a low carbon footprint, no animal welfare concerns, and embraces best environmental practices. We have no retail outlets and rely solely on our website for our orders and awareness campaign.

As a berry new to the United Kingdom we can offer our customers a unique new experience and we can tick many boxes for the early adopters of this exciting new fruit juice.

  • A new and unusual taste profile.
  • A fruit juice that is not a drink but a healthy tonic taken neat or mixed with other food and drinks.
  • Absolutely nothing added; guaranteed. A natural alternative to mass produced juices.
  • An extremely versatile juice with a massive anthocyanin content and a strong and stable colour profile.
  • A new plant based product as an exciting addition to a balanced and healthy diet.

Many plant based foods offer the consumer a completely new taste experience and a completely new way of consuming foods. Aronia juice is no different; it should be taken little and often throughout the day, every day. If blended with other foods (porridge, yoghurts, jams, ice cream etc) or mixed with other drinks (smoothies, fruit juices, spirits, champagne etc) it simply adds to the consumers preferred taste choices.

Our new website and website shop can be accessed by clicking on . Additional information regarding the properties of these amazing berries can be found by browsing the internet, or by contacting us via the website.

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