New craft cider and can range unveiled by Kentish Pip

High Diver 4.8% ABV joins Skylark, Wild Summer and Craftsman in all new sparkling range of 330ml cans.

The range includes four distinctly different ciders differentiated by apple variety and one flavoured with fresh wild elderflower.

The range will launch at Craft Beer Rising Thursday 22nd Feb

High Diver and Skylark also available in 30L Kegs

High Diver

 High Diver is made with Cox and Bramley apples fermented with champagne yeast.  Kentish Pip director Sam Mount said: “It’s a thoroughly Kentish cider, fresh and fruity with a lovely clean acidity from the Bramley.  These certainly aren’t typical cider apples but we aren’t typical cider makers.

“The response to trials has been amazing with many describing High Diver as a sparkling apple wine.”

The Can Range

“Each cider has a unique character.” Explains cider maker Ed Curry.  “Skylark and Craftsman combine different dessert apples with traditional bittersweet cider varieties.  High Diver explores more subtle dessert and culinary apples, making it very fresh and fruity, while the new sparkling version of Wild Summer blends a Katy cider with wild elderflower from around the farm.”

Sam adds: “Cans are the perfect tool to tell the story and character behind each cider.  The range offers a great opportunity to try something new for a variety of tastes and occasions.”



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