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25th July 2018

2 Thanet businesses celebrate the harvest

The rapeseed harvest is underway. Fantastic summer weather has led to a fantastic harvest of Kentish rapeseed and two Thanet based businesses are celebrating. Simon Cannell, Managing Director of Baker’s Bicycle and Laura Bounds, Managing Director of Kentish Oils are checking this year’s bumper harvest. Baker’s Bicycle, the artisan bakers based in Margate, only use Kentish Oils extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil in their breads. ‘Simon Cannell said “The rapeseed grown in Thanet is of superb quality and produces a wonderful oil known as ‘liquid gold’ in the culinary world. We are so fortunate that this incredible oil is grown, pressed and bottled just five miles from our bakeries. Our skilled team of bakers, combine the finest ingredients available and produce a range of breads for you to enjoy at home.” For further information go to: