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Bean Smitten The Bumble Bee

7th June 2023

4 ways to enjoy iced coffee with Bean Smitten this summer!

Sun's out, so it's the perfect excuse to ditch the hot drinks and participate in some delicious iced coffees...

  1. The Bumblebee - Ice cubes, a splash of maple syrup, orange juice and a hot double espresso floated on top. Mix before drinking 🐝
  2. Affogato - Slowly, drizzle a double espresso over two scoops of vanilla ice cream. 😋👍
  3. Espresso on the Rocks - As simple as it sounds. Add cold milk if you like.😎🧊
  4. Japanese Pour Over Method - Grab a filter cone and 15g of ground coffee. You need 125mls of hot water and 125g of ice cubes. Put the ice in your cup and place the filter cone on top. Gently pour the hot water on the coffee grounds in a circular motion. As it filters through it starts to melt the ice. The hot water pulls out the flavour and aroma of the coffee while the ice flash-chills the drink while diluting it to the perfect strength. 🧊☕

Why not try our recipes with this coffee from Los Rodriguez - Samaipata in Bolivia.

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Bean Smitten Coffee Roasters

Using only the highest quality Arabica beans, our coffee is fully traceable from farm to cup.