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19th November 2020

Try this comforting recipe from The Potato Shop

As we approach the end of November we’re all looking for something warm and comforting to keep the cold at bay.

With this in mind we’ve gone for a twist on a classic gratin recipe – simple but effective this is delicious as a lunchtime treat or prepared to accompany a main meal.

As Thanksgiving is just around the corner we have opted for an American theme, using Russet Burbank potatoes and a generous pancetta garnish. Thanksgiving was traditionally celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the year’s harvest. This has now evolved to also encompass a moment of personal gratitude for the things we have in our lives that we may sometimes take for granted. This is definitely something that can be embraced in this country as well.

Considering the current climate it feels even more pertinent that we take stock and express our thanks for what we do have – whether that’s our health, our loved ones we are locked down with, or the friends and family we may not have seen in a while due to travel restrictions or health conditions. It can be so easy to be overcome with all of the negativity that is in the world at the minute, and to focus on all of the things that we cannot do, that the things that are right in front of us can go unappreciated. We encourage you to take the spirit of Thanksgiving this month and pay it forward in whatever way feels right for you: whether this comes in the form of a nice meal shared with your household or support bubble; a phone call, a zoom call or any other sort of call you may make; or a hand written letter or small token of your appreciation sent through the post. Give thanks and share with the people in your lives because together we can bring some warmth and light to these cold November days. And if, perhaps, you’d like to share this recipe with them we really wouldn’t object… Find the full recipe on our blog:

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that we are now accepting Christmas pre-orders. Simply let us know in the order notes that you would like a Christmas delivery and we will dispatch your order to reach you in time. Whether you would like to treat yourself to a roasting box or send one to a friend or family member you may not get to see over the festive period please let us know. Find out more on our website:

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