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15th August 2022

A Little Bit has launched a brand new and very exciting trio of dips just in time for picnic season

The newbies are a welcomed addition to their ever-expanding range of products.

Complementing the already existing sauces, dressings and mayos, the dips encapsulate the brand’s desire to create great, homemade-tasting products that are easily accessible and made using fresh herbs and the finest quality ingredients.

Perfect for sharing, dipping or spreading, the trio consists of a Peamole, a Spicy Salsa and Onion and Chive dip. All three products take inspiration from well recognised dips, but with a modern, innovative and sustainable twist.

The Peamole offers an alternative to the eminent Guacamole; the key ingredient peas used as a replacement for avocados. This decision reflects A Little Bit’s passion for sustainability, and a conscious effort to monitor their environmental footprint. The Spicy Tomato Salsa continues to encompass the brands efforts to champion quality ingredients, with the addition of fresh parsley and coriander; it has a rich tomato taste, great texture and a subtle spice, perfect for crisp dipping. Completing the trio is the Onion and Chive dip, made using fresh chives; it is light, creamy and satisfying but without all the nasties.

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We have a love for all things food, and have always been inspired by the incredible versatility of fresh herbs and their ability to transform a simple sauce or dressing into something else a little more extraordinary.