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14th May 2024

Affordable Part Time (Fractional) Finance Director Service from FD Solutions

Affordable Part Time (Fractional) Finance Director Service

On a day-to-day basis are you kept awake at night worrying about -

  • Having enough cash to pay your VAT or Corporation Tax
  • Making decisions without full financial information
  • Not really understanding your business performance – for example which items are the most profitable

Your business may not yet be large enough to support the need (or cost) of a full time finance director but…

Could it be time for a Part-Time (or Fractional) Finance Director?

A part-time (or fractional) FD could be just what you need to help you get the clarity, direction and financial credibility you require. And, if you’re worried about affordability because a part-time resource will be sufficient, you’ll be surprised how cost effective a solution this can be. You get the senior-level financial expertise you need without the commitment or cost of hiring a full time employee!

Typically you already have a bookkeeper or small accounts team making sure that your customers pay you, and that supplier and payroll payments are made on time. At the end of each accounting year, an accountancy firm prepares your annual financial statements and files your tax returns.

5 valuable benefits to you and your SME

1) Financial Clarity

You've got ambitions. Whether that's to grow, raise finance, sell, or just become more profitable, you need insightful financial information to inform your strategy. If you don't have this, how do you know which of your customers or products make you the most money, and therefore which services or sectors to aim for growth in?

How do you set a realistic but stretching budget which is based on so much more than just a 'finger in the air' 10% increase, and so gets the buy-in of your team (allowing you to hold them accountable for delivering it)?

And what about cash? How do you know how the bank balance will fluctuate over the next 3-6 months? How do you become rest assured it won't run out, and there will be enough in the bank when the VAT payment is due?

A Part-Time Finance Director can set up budgets, cash flow forecasts, customer profitability and management accounts reports for you (to name but a few), and couple that with intelligent commentary to bring the numbers to life. Then they can articulately present the findings to you and your Board.

2) You do You

With a qualified Finance Director on your team, you can concentrate on your core skills and driving your business forward - all the things you thought you'd be doing when you set up your business. (And now you'll be even better informed too).

3) Better decision making

The financial expertise and commercially-savvy insight a Part-Time Finance Director will bring to the party will enable you to confidently make more informed decisions. Acting as your 'Right-Hand Helper', your Part-Time FD will act as a sounding board for your plans and challenges, provide constructive challenge, and will always be independent and have your best interests in mind.

4) Enhanced relationships

Having a financial expert with a reputable background in your business will bring you financial credibility with banks, funders, auditors and insurers, and may open doors. Let your FD do the negotiating for you and strengthen relationships with your stakeholders.

5) Flexibility and cost-effectiveness

Get Board-level financial expertise and strategic advice for your business, without the cost and commitment of taking on a full time FD. You simply pay a day-rate for the days you need. A Part-Time Finance Director is also likely to be able to offer some flexibility too - able to increase time spent with you during key projects, as required.

About me (I can't write about myself in the 3rd person!)

Hi, I’m David Ebdon and I’m a Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA) with over 25 years of experience working exclusively INSIDE businesses which means I have first hand experience of business owner's challenges (and proven solutions) to truly quickly add value.

I am really thrilled to have joined PINK as an Industry Partner and to be able to offer members this Part-Time (Fractional) Finance Director service.

I have helped many businesses with my expertise in the farming/agriculture, food and beverage (F&B) and hospitality sectors.

In fact, it’s in my blood! My grandfather supplied fruit and cabbages to Covent Garden Market and my father in law was a farmer who pioneered pre-packed salad to M&S. I am co-owner of a 20-acre community apple orchard.

I have worked for:

🍇Vestey Foods - manufacturing and distribution, including South American cattle farms and Australian vineyards.

🍺 Barth Haas - hops for beer

🍴 Rustico and Pebbles restaurants

👩‍🍳 TV Chef Rosemary Shrager Cookery School

🐑 Hadlow College

I’ve always been good at maths and loved counting money with my mother who was a treasurer. I went on to be the top performing student (out of 300) when I did my ACCA qualifications.

I love travelling and worked with small businesses in Asia. A personal highlight was hiking for four hours to visit the Papua New Guinea Dani tribe. Another passion is collecting 50s and 60s music.

Typical clients have a turnover between £100K and £5m where I spend on average 5-15 hours a week through a mixture of remote and on-site working. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your business thrive please email at or Linkedin message me and we can arrange a chat.

Please request our complimentary -

  • Financial Business Controls review, or
  • Strategy & Financial Analysis