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2nd September 2021

Alluxi Consulting Blog: Increasing productivity in Food & Drink Manufacturing

In recent months I have been speaking to Kent-based food and drink manufactures regarding their concerns and apprehension surrounding recent changes to the economic landscape. Many of your businesses have been impacted to a lesser or greater extent by one or more of the challenges and barriers that have presented themselves over recent months such as:

- Limitations to the labour market
- Reduced opening times of food outlets and the hospitality industry
- New Government trade agreements
- The HGV driver shortage
- The sugar tax

Following a drop in productivity, in part caused by the impact of Brexit and the pandemic, it's easy to see from where this apprehension stems. However, despite reduced productivity levels, an industry-wide increase in demand is likely on the horizon, bringing with it a significant opportunity for growth.

I've created a guide, of sorts, to those within the industry ready for growth but apprehensive of increasing costs too quickly at this time. It all starts with people and processes!