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17th February 2021

An update about Tenterden Folk Festival

We are still making provisional plans for a Covid safe Tenterden Folk Festival 2021.

We are carefully watching government guidance and predictions about outdoor and indoor events and liaising with our venues and local authorities. We are also watching what other festivals are thinking and attending meetings with the Association of Festival Organisers and other bodies. We have plans in mind to change some events and how we use some smaller venues to ensure everyone’s safety especially if any social distancing is still required. We also have plans to make more use of our larger and more flexible venues. We are lucky that being later in the year most of the population should have had both doses of the Covid vaccine thus, hopefully, offering a material degree of protection to all attending the Festival.

We will be having a special committee meeting in April when we hope the pathway forward may be more certain and predictable and intent to make a more definite decision then. We will keep you posted and let you know our future plans as soon as possible.

We will update the website as our plans develop so do please check back again.


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The 30th Tenterden Folk Festival

Tenterden Folk Festival, the independant folk festival in the Weald of Kent