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Chuko Chuko

19th May 2021

Are you ready for #ChukoChuko?

Kentish 1st Aromatic and Spicy beer CHUKO CHUKO has a very distinctive taste and aroma which may appeal to beer enthusiasts!

Primarily I have used a few selected spices and subtle blend of chillies to create my own brand ‘CHUKO CHUKO’ which has been brewed by a local brewer in Kent for Karara Foods.

CHUKO CHUKO 375 ML, ALC 5% volume per bottle will be available only from our Karara food stall at Macknade’s Food Village, Faversham, Kent.

I cant wait for you to try it!

I am already getting enquiries from my diverse network in UK with regards to its availability through my social media networking from and around the world. If you are interested in stocking it please get in touch.


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Born in Jodhpur, in northern Indian, Paul Babra has many fond memories of his mother and aunts making traditional chutneys, preserves and pickles, filling his childhood home with heady aromas.