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7th October 2021

Autumn drinks from Biddenden Cider

With the arrival of colder weather and the nights drawing in, it’s certainly the perfect time of year for our autumnal drinks, Special Reserve & Special Mead.

Both are produced here on site at Biddenden to our own family recipes, each is packed full of flavour and great to enjoy beside a roaring fire or even in the hip flask if you’re out exploring the Kent countryside.

Special Reserve is a cider matured in oak whisky casks, giving it a smoky flavour well balanced by the sweetness from the apples in the cider. At 13%, it’s best enjoyed as a ‘sipper’ or may be mixed with lemonade to create a longer drink.

Special Mead is perfect for those with a sweeter tooth, made from fermented fruits & honey, which is then sweetened with fine honeys to give a deep amber colour and deliciously rich, full flavoured and aromatic Pyment style wine. Best served at room temperature though may also be gently heated for a ‘hot toddy’.

Available to purchase direct from our shop at Biddenden Vineyards as well as online for nationwide delivery at

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Biddenden Cider

Our famous Biddenden Cider has been made the Barnes family recipe for three generations.