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9th August 2023

Barbie & Oppenheimer Cocktail Recipes from Jem's Bar Co

With all the recent hype around the Barbie & Oppenheimer films our team decided to get involved and shared the following cocktail recipes and reels over the weekend...

Hi Barbie 👋🏼💗

Introducing…The Bartenders’ Barbie 🍹

• Put 90ml of Strawberry Purée, 15ml of Sugar Syrup, 30ml of Lime Juice & 45ml of White Rum in a cocktail shaker
• Add ice to the shaker and fill a Martini glass with ice to chill
• Shake hard for 10 seconds
• Dispose of the ice from the glass
• Strain cocktail into your chilled glass
• Garnish with a strawberry

#BarbievsOppenheimer which will you choose? 👀 Check out our video for ‘The Oppenheimer’ cocktail and cast your vote! ⚡️

The world will remember this day 🎬

Introducing…The Oppenheimer 🥃

❗️Please do not try flaming the zest at home, this has been performed by a trained member of our team❗️

• Add 2-3 dashes of Angostura Bitters, a bar spoon of sugar and a splash of soda water to your glass
• Muddle and then add 60ml of Bourbon
• Add a large cube of ice and stir till chilled
• Wipe the rim of your glass with an orange peel and use to garnish

#BarbievsOppenheimer which will you choose? 👀 Check out our video for ‘The Bartenders Barbie’ cocktail and cast your vote! ⚡️


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