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18th May 2022

Biddenden Ice Cider Spritz

The perfect, refreshing drink to enjoy in the sunshine, Biddenden Ice Cider Spritz is a delicious balance of sweet, fruit packed cider, with a little sparkle.

To create your Biddenden Ice Cider Spritz, you will need:
- Biddenden Ice Cider
- Sparkling Water
- Ice
- Apple (a crisp, green apple works best)


Add a good helping of ice to a tumbler or gin glass.
Measure 1 part Biddenden Ice Cider to 3 parts sparkling water (or to your taste).
Slice the apple and add to the glass rim as a garnish

Serve and enjoy!

Biddenden Ice Cider may also be enjoyed served chilled as an aperitif, or as an alternative to a dessert wine to round off a meal.

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Biddenden Cider

Our famous Biddenden Cider has been made the Barnes family recipe for three generations.