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Biddenden Ice Cider

17th May 2023

Biddenden Ice Cider Spritz

Perfect to enjoy in the sunshine, Biddenden Ice Cider Spritz is a delicious refreshing drink, balancing sweet apple flavours with a gentle sparkle.

To create your Biddenden Ice Cider Spritz, you will need:

- Biddenden Ice Cider
- Sparkling Water
- Ice
- Apple (a crisp, green apple works best)


Add a good helping of ice to a tumbler or gin glass.
Measure 1 part Biddenden Ice Cider to 3 parts sparkling water
Garnish with an apple slice

Serve and enjoy!

Biddenden Ice Cider may also be enjoyed served chilled as an aperitif, or as an alternative to a dessert wine.

Biddenden Ortega

Biddenden Vineyards

The vineyard has remained family owned and is today run by the second & third generation, drawing on many years of experience in winemaking at Biddenden.

Biddenden Cider Bottles

Biddenden Cider

Our famous Biddenden Cider has been made the Barnes family recipe for three generations.