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19th September 2023

Blackwoods Cheese Company – Graceburn Back in Production

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Blackwoods Cheese Company are delighted to announce that they are back in production after a very tricky 8 months. In December 2022 the dairy became flooded owing to a series of burst pipes in the freezing weather. The damage was severe, and the dairy had to be gutted and rebuilt again, halting all production of Blackwoods Cheese Company cheeses at the busiest time of the year.

The first Graceburn make took place at the end of August 2023 and the team have gone straight into full production to build up stock levels to meet demand.

A few notes about Graceburn;

  • It is the UK’s first and most awarded marinated soft cheese
  • It is made in Kent, at Bore Place where the dairy resides and the milk comes from Commonwork Farm on the same site
  • Not only is it a great cheese for Summer eating – where it can be used in any dish which you would use feta, it is versatile throughout the colder months too lending itself to warmer dishes or simply to be eaten by itself.
  • Graceburn takes very little maintenance on a cheese counter
  • It is the ultimate Christmas gift for any cheese connoisseur

Original, Chipotle & Lemon and Truffle flavoured Graceburn will all be back in stock very soon. Check in with your local wholesalers in October to get stock and if you are a wholesaler then please do get in touch directly with Blackwoods for a sample or further information.

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