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31st May 2019

Bookings open for Lavender Tours

Go behind the scenes of our spectacular purple view! From late June and through July, join us for a Lavender Tour and learn all about why we grow Lavender, what it is used for and how we harvest and extract the precious Lavender Oil. You will be led by your expert Castle Farm guide out into the fields and then be shown over to our distillery, plus will learn about what we do on Castle Farm throughout the year – not just in Lavender Season! You’ll come away knowing the important difference between Lavender and Lavandin! This year, tickets for Lavender Tours on WEEKDAYS will be able to be booked online, but WEEKEND Lavender Tours will remain ‘book on arrival’ at the farm in July. Lavender Tours will start from Tuesday 25th June onwards, as this is when we can expect to see our purple views deepen across the valley. Each weekday Lavender Tour finishes with a chilled glass of Castle Farm Apple Juice, and a Lavender shortbread biscuit back at The Hop Shop. For more information on Lavender Tours, and for the link to book for weekday Tours and secure your spot, please click here - Lavender Tour information:
  • Each tour takes approximately 1 hour 15 mins.
  • There is a small amount of walking from the shop out to the fields, through the farmyard to the distillery and back to the shop (about 1/2 a mile in total, and some seating is provided at the stopping points).
  • Children are welcome – although the Tours are not aimed specifically at children, there is always plenty of interesting information for Lavender lovers of all ages (plus they can help us look for Rosemary Beetles in the rows!)
  • Tours go on level or firm ground and there is not usually a problem taking wheelchairs or buggies along the short grass track at the edge of the lavender fields. You will be walking on grass, so please take care.
  • Please note that dogs are not permitted on the tours.