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Teamakers March Flavours Newsletter

13th March 2023

Brand New Luxury Tea Scented Candles Collection

It’s the end of a long day. You’re tired and stressed. You reach for your favourite cup of tea. The first mouthful instantly relaxes you and you melt into the sofa. Ahhhh, bliss.

But what if you could add another element to your ritual that amplifies its effects? Enter the tea scented candle.

New this season and eagerly awaited, we're excited to bring you this soothing collection of luxury tea scented candles. The perfect selection of alluring aromas inspired by our most popular award-winning single origin teas. From the bright and fresh notes of Ceremonial Grade Matcha to the delicately refreshing tones of Natural Jasmine and the rich and warm scent of Cinnamon Spiced Chai. These perfectly balanced tea scented candles are designed to welcome a sense of calm serenity to your space and a perfect gift for tea lovers alike.

Explore the full tea scented candles collection, and discover the origins and inspiration for each scent in our ‘How To Match Tea Scented Candles To Your Mood’ article in our tea journal.