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The super limited edition Cracklewick mini kegs are available from Shepherd Neames online shop

19th January 2022

Bring The Pub Experience Home With Shepherd Neame's Limited Edition Cracklewick Mini Keg

Following its launch last month, independent brewer Shepherd Neame is offering its winter ale Cracklewick in a limited edition mini keg. Just 150 5l kegs have been produced, exclusively available from its online and brewery shop in Faversham.

Cracklewick (4.8% ABV) is a satisfying and indulgent brew combining Ale, Crystal and Chocolate malts with oats to give a smooth, velvety mouthfeel. Hints of chocolate and roasted flavours are complemented with floral, citrus and spice aromas courtesy of East Kent Goldings, First Gold and Centennial hops.

Shepherd Neame’s Director of Brewing Mike Unsworth said: “Cracklewick was offered in our pubs across the festive season as part of our real ale initiative Cask Club, and we are delighted to now offer this English ale in a mini keg for drinkers to enjoy at home.

“Cracklewick is a deliciously dark ale, that is perfect for enjoying on a chilly January evening. With its complex flavours, this beer can be enjoyed with a variety of dishes, including hearty pies, steaks and chocolate desserts.”

The Faversham-based brewer and pub operator launched Cask Club in 2019, with a new cask ale released each month, celebrating modern styles and flavours, with exciting recipes and classic seasonal favourites. The initiative highlights Britain’s oldest brewer’s continued passion for innovation and seasonality, offering loyal fans different tastes, while also attracting new cask ale drinkers.

Along with inventive tastes, the look and feel of the Cask Club brands take a fresh approach, with dynamic design and bright colours for ultimate stand-out on the bar, and will launch the 2022 series later this year.

Priced at £28, and with free delivery on orders over £50, order your Cracklewick mini keg by visiting:

To find out more, follow Shepherd Neame on social media.

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