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Noughty Bear 4

17th March 2021

Britain’s oldest brewer Shepherd Neame has unveiled its first low alcohol beer - Noughty Bear 0.5% IPA.

The newest addition to its contemporary Bear Island range, Noughty Bear is a refreshing, light golden beer, combining the pine and spice notes of Challenger hops from the UK, with the tropical fruit and citrus flavours of Amarillo, Cascade and Citra hops from the US.

  • Combines UK and US hop varieties
  • Hop-forward flavour profile
  • Low alcohol at 0.5% ABV
  • Just 70 calories per 330ml bottle

Shepherd Neame’s team of Master Brewers carried out extensive sampling trials and analysis when formulating the recipe, to ensure that despite its low alcohol content, Noughty Bear doesn’t compromise on taste or quality.

In addition to its low alcohol content, Noughty Bear also has just 70 calories and less than 1g of sugar per 330ml bottle, making it the lighter choice in every way.

Head Brewer Mike Unsworth said: “With the recent surge in demand for no/low alcohol beers, as Britain’s oldest brewer we decided it was time for us to use our brewing expertise to create our own. It was important to us to ensure any low alcohol product upheld our usual high standards, and we are really pleased with the result. We are confident that we have delivered a low alcohol alternative that still tastes like a quality beer.”

Bold by nature and ‘noughty’ by choice, Bear Island Noughty Bear 0.5% IPA is available in 330ml bottles from Shepherd Neame’s online shop:

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