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29th October 2018

Brogdale Needs your Votes

Brogdale Collections need your votes for the Aviva Community Fund. Brogdale Collections need to invest in its beautiful ornamental blossom orchards. The ornamental orchard hosts a selection of unusual and particularly beautiful blossoming fruit trees, creating a stunning display of blossom unlike anywhere else. Brogdale uniquely offers the chance to view and enjoy these blossom trees in the Japanese tradition of Hanami. Hanami is the Japanese festival dedicated to cherry blossom (sakura) celebrated across Japan every year. Brogdale is one of the only places in the UK to celebrate Hanami and with the ornamental orchards it really is a sight not to be missed. Visitors can experience to tradition of picnicking under the blossom, learn about Japanese heritage and culture as well as experiencing it first hand with food tasters and “have a go activities”. The Ornamental Orchard Programme seeks to maintain and develop the ornamental trees that are such a key and important feature of the environment at Brogdale. Without this work restoring the ornamental collection the ornamental blossom trees will be lost for future generations, a huge loss to the environment and our heritage. Vote for Brogdale Collections Ornamental Orchard project today! Go to to place your vote (Please insert this link: )