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Cocktail in a bottle Cake or Death

22nd November 2023

Cake or Death Bottled Cocktail gets runner up in Good Housekeeping Institute taste test for Best Bottled Cocktail for Christmas 2023

Kent based award winning cocktail producer Cocktail In A Bottle has just had one of their bottled cocktails, namely 'Cake Or Death?' put through a rigorous taste test with the Good Housekeeping Institute.

The test was to find the best 13 bottled cocktails to serve up at home this Christmas and Cake or Death came runner up!

Cake or Death? is a Black Forest Gateaux inspired cocktail, simply poured over ice and savoured as an after dinner treat.

Scoring 80/100 Good Housekeeping said, "There’s no mistaking the dessert that inspired this pre-batched cocktail. The cherry kirsch base is layered with creamy milk chocolate, replicating black forest gateau to a tee. Testers described it as “absolutely delicious”, and felt it was the perfect Christmas cocktail, with just the right amount of booze to satisfy most palates."

Read full article here:

Cake or Death forms part of a collection of delectable bottled Christmas tipples from Cocktail In A Bottle, which includes a Panettone Negroni, Kentish Gypsy Tart White Russian and a Butterscotch Martini.

The company are offering a 15% discount if you pre-order 3+ bottles from their shop for delivery Christmas week, offer ends 6th December.



Cocktail In A Bottle

In March 2020, I started delivering my bottles to my local community of East Kent helping them get through lockdown with a great tasting cocktail.