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8th December 2020

Call for a Minister of Hospitality

Sign the petition #Seatatthetable

A petition asking for a Minister for Hospitality (click here) currently has less than half of the required 100,000 signatures to be debated in parliament.

A dedicated minister would be the champion and guardian of hospitality in parliament, promoting the importance of the economic, social and employment contribution; be fully invested and have deep understanding of this complex industry; drive cohesive thinking and strategy at the top table inclusive of all sub sectors and advance the status of hospitality and tourism.

A group of management trainees within Home Grown Hotels have created “Seat at the Table”; an online campaign to inform people of the petition and its importance to not only the hospitality industry, but the nation as a whole.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the campaign. Although we are sure you have started many of these steps already, we are encouraging the following:

1. Contact your staff and suppliers to encourage them to sign the petition, follow Seat at the Table’s social media accounts and spread the message to their friends, family, and contacts

2. Contact your client database to ask them to support your business by signing the petition and following Seat at the Table’s social media accounts

3. If you would like to be actively involved with the campaign, we would like for you to share your story with us regarding how important a minister for hospitality is to your business. We ask that you please send us an ariel view of a table of 2 in your venue, a short paragraph in your own words and your Instagram/Twitter/Facebook name – we’ll do the rest.

Please contact Freya Morton ( or Lydia Rigby ( with any questions.

Our website:
Instagram: @seat_at_the_table_
Twitter: @seatat_thetable

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