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Canterbury Japanese Gin

27th January 2023

Canterbury Brewers & Distillers win at the world gin awards

Our Japanese Gin has won Silver in the WORLD gin awards.

We made the gin when we were contacted by the fruit growers of Shikuwasa from Okinawa Island in Japan to make a gin with their unique fruit. They sent us the fruit for free and Jon immediately began experimenting with it. It's now actually his favourite gin not only for the flavours but also for the relationship and journey with the growers in Japan.

Shikuwasa fruit only grows on that small island, it looks similar to a lime, but is way more powerful, it's super citrusy, sharp and sour! It's made such a stunning gin, really dry and distinctive. It can be enjoyed neat or pairs perfectly with a mediterranean tonic. It of course makes an impressive cocktail too-Japanese Southside which you can have at The Foundry Brewery and Distillery.


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