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4th August 2023

Grow at Brogdale launch Carbon Offset Programme

Grow are proud to launch their Carbon Offset Programme, working in partnership with the Sustainable Food Trust and the Harmony Project.

Did you know? An acre of apple trees can absorb 10-20 tonnes of carbon/annum (depending on the age and size of the trees) furthermore they can release 15 tonnes of oxygen into the environment. 90% of our fresh fruit and vegetables in the UK is imported. By planting orchards we can instantly make a difference by reducing the need to import as much and to enjoy fruit as nature intended eating in season!

In a nutshell, we are inviting environmentally responsible companies (and individuals) to “sponsor” fruit trees that are then donated to schools and community groups. The trees are grafted and grown by ourselves at our nursery on behalf of the sponsors, with our focus as always in preserving rare and heritage varieties. We have an extensive list of schools and pre-schools along with community groups who would love fruit trees!

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