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19th January 2022

Celebrate Year of The Tiger with Karimix

To celebrate the Lunar/Chinese New Year we have created a gift box selection with 3 bottles:

Hoisin Sauce:

A delicious bold sauce with 5 spice, garlic and a hint of chilli

Suitable for vegetarians and a plant-based diet

Szechuan Sauce:

An award-winning product! A delicious blend of spicy soy sauce infused with Chinese five spice and crushed wild Szechuan peppercorns.

Suitable for vegetarians and a plant-based diet. Dairy free. Nut free

Shandong Sauce: Great Taste Award Winning Flavour.

Aromatic slightly sweet savoury with hints of spice

Suitable for vegetarians and a plant-based diet. Gluten free, Dairy free. Nut free

Perfect to stir fry with, marinade, use as a glaze or a dipping sauce.

£15.00 including delivery.

Chinese New Year Festivities (and this offer) will last until 16th February 2022

Indian Curry paste group 1

Karimix UK Ltd

Karimix’s products are hand-made, using only the finest and freshest ingredients which are GM free with no artificial additives.