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6th July 2023

Rosemary Shrager Launches New No-Added Sugar Range of Preserves with The Wooden Spoon Preserving Company

‘No Ordinary Jam’

TV Chef, Author and owner of Rosemary’s Online Cookery School, in collaboration with The Wooden Spoon Preserving Company, has produced a range of sweet and savoury No-Added Sugar preserves to launch in the UK market this Summer.

Since discovering that she, herself, has diabetes, Rosemary has been a keen advocate of a reduced sugar diet that is still packed with flavour. However, after looking around, Rosemary was shocked to discover that many no-added sugar varieties were bland and tasteless. So, after contacting The Wooden Spoon Preserving Company, Rosemary decided to produce her own range to show that you don’t need sugar to have a great tasting dish.

This ‘no ordinary range’ will initially consist of two high fruit spreads and two relishes, and be initially available through independent retailers and Ocado, with an RRP OF £3.95.

“Everybody knows my passion for good food and my aim here is to prove that healthy eating does not need to compromise taste. I am delighted by the result and hope that people will be too! Very excited!”, asserts Rosemary!

‘No Ordinary’ Range

• Fig & Apple Chutney

• Chilli Jam

• Strawberry & Raspberry Fruit Spread

• Blackcurrant Fruit Spread

The Wooden Spoon Preserving Company

Since its Inception in 1975, The Wooden Spoon Preserving Company has been synonymous with high quality preserves made from the finest ingredients.

Owner, Jeff Higgins is a passionate believer in uncompromising quality, an ethos that has driven the business for many years.

Why ‘No-Added Sugar’?

Even before her diabetes diagnosis, Rosemary has always believed in fresh, natural ingredients and a balanced diet. “At the moment,” Rosemary says, “We are eating far too much sugar and It is bad for our health.” Consuming too many foods and drinks high in sugar can lead to weight gain and other related health problems, as well as tooth decay and diabetes.

Diabetes UK states that one in 15 people in the UK have diabetes, including one million people who have type 2, but haven’t been diagnosed.

Where are they available?

Rosemary’s ‘No Ordinary’ range will be available for purchase soon via Ocado before the end of July and directly from The Wooden Spoon Preserving Company. Rosemary is also exploring partnerships with other retailers and distributors to expand its reach in the coming months.

For more information on Rosemary’s ‘No Ordinary’ Range and its product offerings, please visit The Wooden Spoon Preserving Company’s website at and

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