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18th February 2021

Change one Thing Recipe: Kale with Sesame

The first of our *Change One Thing* seasonal recipes comes from Communigrow Kale with sesame is a lovely simply side dish to add to any meal.

Kale has come a long, trendy way since it's reputation as a 'peasant food', but its certainly not just a fad-food. This saviour of the winter larder is full of vitamins and minerals, versatile and low calorie, making it the perfect veg to keep you going through the winter.

Kale is easy to grow, making it readily available from local farm shops, veg box schemes and farmers' markets - so why not 'Change one thing' and pick some up on your next shop.

It's also fantastic value for money, and any leftovers can easily be chucked in pasta dishes, stews and soups - so no waste!

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