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4th May 2022

Chuko Chuko Spicy Beer goes down well at Tavola

Chuko Chuko beer is a new uplifting experience and taste matters introduced by Karara.

Brewed last year at Ramsgate brewery in Kent, UK. Chuko Chuko in Punjabi is same like saying Cheers, Skaldic, Prost, sauté or cin cin.

Chef Paul Babra’s new addition baby beer will be available in the legendary market.

University of Kent MBA students reviewed Chuko Chuko as a case study for its globalisation.

"I am thrilled by the response I received at Tavola food and drink show at Kortrijk, Belgium" Babra says.

"I see a greater future and for sure Chuko Chuko will have a new range of customers and business opportunities. Peoples drinking tastes keep changing. Guinness and other beer producers across the world have started developing new brews, and these giants showed us there is room for plenty more. My beer is creating and crafting that art of brewing and serving to a new level. It has come out of a huge labour, innovation, skill, and the results are remarkable. A simple change from the golden water to a blonde coloured beer entity. The recipe is a combination of the aromatic spices, chillies and more is filling the gaps around. I have observed and tried to capture the new tastes locally Nationally and globally."

A well done beer is in abundance of daily goodness, enjoyment and cheers as we say Chuko Chuko.

Paul recently visited Kortrijk Belgium and met British Ambassador, Flaunders Deputy Governor, head or trade advisor and local brewers.

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Born in Jodhpur, in northern Indian, Paul Babra has many fond memories of his mother and aunts making traditional chutneys, preserves and pickles, filling his childhood home with heady aromas.