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1st November 2021

Create a haven for wildlife

WE LOVE OUR WILDLIFE SHOP! Next time you come to visit, be sure to take a look around our large green container (who we've nicknamed Lisa Stansfield, because she's 'Been around the world'!) which is full of beautiful and eco-friendly ways to attract wildlife to your garden.

You can buy from a variety of recycled plastic containers, fill them with seed, peanuts or fatballs, then bring them back with you when you need a refill.

Simon King Wildlife Range
We are really excited to be able to offer you a fantastic range of carefully designed nesting boxes for birds, by ornithologist Simon King. They have be made with particular species in mind and the lighter brushwood ones can be sited in hedges and bushes and fixed in with wire.

The wooden bird nesting box is designed to imitate a natural opening in a tree, which tits find very attractive. This box is suitable for most tit species, sparrows and flycatchers.

The 'Tree Nest Pouch'
in front, is designed to hang sideways on a tree and forms a very tempting nest site for wrens and treecreepers, but could also attract robin, goldcrest, wagtail, marsh tit, willow tit, dormouse and woodmouse.

The 'Simon King Open Nest Buddy', which you would nestle into a hedge or bushy plant and attach with wire. It is great for chaffinches, blackbirds and members of the thrush family. As well as a nest, birds may choose it for roosting at night.

We absolutely love these carefully thought-out designs and the idea of stashing nests in a hedge or climber (out of cats' reach of course!). There are lots more nest designs in our shop.