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16th August 2023

Culinary Fusion is unleashed between Shepherd Neame and Karimix who unite for a yet another Flavourful Collaboration

In the picturesque village of Selling near Faversham, a culinary partnership is flourishing between Karimix, the renowned local condiments producer, and Shepherd Neame, the historic brewer and pub company.

Karimix, which has a reputation for crafting a diverse array of award-winning pickles, relishes, chutneys, curry pastes, and sauces, first collaborated with Shepherd Neame back in 2019 to create a bespoke Kentish tomato chutney, which proved an instant hit with pub-goers.

Buoyed by the success of this joint venture, Karimix and Shepherd Neame have once again teamed up to create a delicious new addition to the menus across its managed pub estate – a bespoke tartare sauce.

Carefully selected top-quality ingredients form the foundation of this sauce, resulting in a flavour that perfectly complements Shepherd Neame’s perennially popular Whitstable beer Fish and Chips. The Karimix team worked hand-in-hand with Shepherd Neame's Head of Food, Sang Nguyen, and Food Procurement Manager, Simon Howlett, Karimix to craft the exclusive recipe.

Sang said: “Following the success of the tomato chutney we created with Karimix, we were keen to find an opportunity to work with them again. We pride ourselves on only using the finest locally sourced fish for our Fish and Chips, so it made sense for us to ensure that the accompanying tartare sauce was also locally sourced and crafted to our exact specifications. We approached their team to collaborate on the recipe and are really happy with the finished product, which we are confident will prove popular with customers.”

Stephen Bryant, General Manager from Karimix, added: "We were delighted to work with Shepherd Neame again on this product. We share a commitment to sustainability and locally sourced ingredients, so we are proud that this new tartare sauce benefits not only the palate but the environment, with a reduced carbon footprint. It really is a win-win situation for everyone.”

For almost two decades, Karimix has been perfecting its award-winning recipes, rooted in the heart of the Kent countryside. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding orchards, their eclectic fusion flavours are a testament to the region's rich agricultural heritage, with Kentish tomatoes and apples often forming the base of their delectable products. With a steadfast commitment to quality, all of Karimix's offerings are free from artificial additives and are genetically modified organism (GMO)-free. Moreover, the company proudly boasts accreditation as a food manufacturer from the esteemed British Retail Consortium.

As Karimix and Shepherd Neame continue to collaborate and innovate, the future promises even more delectable delights for pub-goers and food enthusiasts alike. This culinary alliance exemplifies the best of local talent and flavours, putting the quaint village of Selling on the map as a hub for gourmet experiences.

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