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Curd and Cure

11th November 2022

Curd and Cure have joined forces with The Real Eating Company in their continued mission to battle the food waste crisis.

As of this week, The Real Eating Company Coffee Shops will be supplying their customers with Kent-based Cheese specialist wholesaler Curd and Cure’s delicious Rescue Range, a series of three soups made from rescued surplus ingredients.

Initially launching at the beginning of Food Waste Action week 2021, the first flavour, Broccoli and Stilton, was the byproduct of one their best-selling stilton cheeses. With the help of The Speedy Kitchen, the first soup was born. Made in small batches with the leftover cheese, utilised broccoli stems, leaves, and rescued wonky potatoes from Kentish business Provenance Potatoes; each pot contains 38% upcycled ingredients that have been redirected back into the food chain to create a delicious tasting and nourishing product.

Since the launch, Curd and Cure have gone on to introduce two other flavours to the range; Pea & Honey Roast Ham and Mac & Cheese, which again reiterated their fight to minimise food waste. The Pea & Ham contains offcuts of ham from the in-house production unit, and the Mac & Cheese, rescued farmhouse cheddar and wonky Kentish potatoes.

Curd and Cure have created a bespoke flavour for their launch with The Real Eating Company; replacing Broccoli and Stilton with Broccoli and Cheddar. This flavour has been introduced to appeal to a wider market.

The partnership with The Real Eating Company will see Curd and Cure’s efforts to highlight the importance of reducing food waste recognised, but this time on a much larger scale. Customers will be able to purchase the soup in all 10 of their stores, learn about the soups' production and purpose, and benefit from their tasty and quality ingredients.

‘Creating this partnership with The Real Eating Company has been important for us. They (like us) are an independent business that believes in great, quality local food and drink and the importance of remaining environmentally conscious in this industry.

By serving our soups to their customers, we can change the generalised opinion of waste food. At Curd and Cure, we aim to redistribute as much surplus food as possible through different avenues to reach different consumers. We want to pave the way for a new generation of wholesalers who take food waste seriously and take action.”

Jessica Honey, commercial manager, Curd and Cure

“We love working with local businesses who can provide us with great produce for our customers. When we opened in Canterbury, we started working with Laura and the team at Curd & Cure, a like-minded, entrepreneurial company.

The Rescue Range of soups uses unwanted wonky vegetables that don’t make the supermarket grade or just vegetables that are in a glut. Rather than go to waste, they go into some very tasty soups like the classic Pea and Ham and Broccoli and Cheddar. We’re thrilled to stock such delicious soup as well as supporting a local business and saving good food from going to waste.”

Helena Hudson, founder and owner, Real Eating Co.