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2nd August 2021

Curd & Cure sell over 1,000 ‘magic bags’ with Too Good To Go app

Curd & Cure, wholesaler of speciality food based in Staplehurst, has now sold over 1,000 ‘magic bags’ via the Too Good to Go app. Having signed up in January, and being the very first UK wholesaler to do so, Curd & Cure is on a mission to fight food waste by creating a sustainable, environmentally focussed food supply chain.

Too Good to Go is an app which allows consumers to access food which would otherwise be destined to become food waste. Curd & Cure utilise the app to create ‘magic bags’ containing a lucky dip of surplus stock which is then sold at a third of the retail price and collected by consumers claiming the bags through the app.

It is estimated that the 1,000 bag sold so far equates to around 2,500 tonnes of CO2e, which is the same as driving 4105.8 miles – roughly from Curd & Cure to Budapest & back… twice!

Curd & Cure is committed to embedding sustainability in their business model, and further details on environmental & sustainable practices in place throughout the business may be found at

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